My Customer Success Challenge

My Customer Success Challenge

It’s now been just over five months in my new Customer Success Consultant role. This is a brand new year for Customer Success in the SAAS company I work with. It’s truly been an opportunity to dive in head first and not only work to drive value for customers, but also define what CSC success means. So far it’s meant drawing on everything I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, SAAS consultant, marketer, instructional designer, and technical trainer.

The relatively new structure of the department I’m working in has given me many opportunities to make a difference. My favorite project thus far has been leading an internal team in the creation of a customer management system used by our Customer Success department to measure our CSC efforts and capacity. We are using the very SAAS software we sell to manage our internal work, concurrently driving departmental productivity and executive visibility. Our department is one of our own software success stories.

I’m finally at the point I’m starting to feel comfortable. I’m in that familiar place where I can see where I’ve come from, what’s important right now and where I need to go to continue to serve my clients and company, driving mutual success. However, the word “comfortable” sets off alarm bells in my consciousness, alerting me to the fact that comfortable is the cousin of complacency, and nothing cutting edge happens there.

photoTo that end, as an embracer of the Kaizen philosophy, I’ve decided to challenge myself to do something that isn’t comfortable for me, something risky and different. I’ve decided to spend the next twelve weeks blogging my thoughts on Customer Success.

I’m the first to admit I’m no expert. I’m running forward, boots on the ground, with thousands of other CSM’s and CSC’s everyday, doing my best to learn quickly and deliver results. However, I also know there is value to writing things down and learning as you go. I’ll be sharing how the lessons I’ve learned in my past business experience are helping me with client success now.

I’ve decided on the time frame of 12 weeks because it matches the 90 day time frame I use when working on a new habit or goal. Experience has taught me that 90 days is the optimal space to make great headway on a project. This time frame also gives you time to really focus on an idea and develop it out. Most everything I’ve accomplished for the positive in life has been a result of a 90 day sprint – my online education site, specific course ideas, healthy habits, etc.

Which brings me to my why. (When you know your WHY, you can find your HOW.) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creative flow and how it fits into my current role. I am happiest when I find the place for my customers where I can help remove roadblocks and work in partnership with them to move forward to what they define as success with our software. I also love to create, recreational writing is a big part of that for me. Last but not least the inspiration to do this has been on my mind for over thirty days, which in my creative cycle means it has earned its voice.

So here we go. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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  1. Kayla, I will be following you all the way, with your permission of course. I am the Master of Proscrastination, I read too much on the How To’s and not so much of the just get “stuck in” and makes mistakes along the way route.
    Thank you for still sharing your Paths with us

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