Getting To “Success”

We talk about Customer Success, but what does it really mean for the customer?

Customer Success is the BIG investment for SAAS companies in 2014. However, the metrics that truly define what it means are still being quantified. It all rolls down to the bottom line of what measurable elements consistently relate to fruitful long term customer relationships.

It is easy to assume that the quickest path to success means temporarily setting aside product and support issues to elevate the customer conversation from pain to strategy, going for a win.

In my experience that’s like asking a customer with a bagel in the oven to take a long walk. They know if they don’t watch that bagel under the broiler, it’s going to burn, so they refuse to leave the kitchen.  On the other hand, if you can show them that you’ve got a timer and someone who will watch their bagel, taking it out when done,  they generally are willing to take the walk.

We have to remember that success for customers is a process. It starts with laying a foundation of understanding, listening and building trust through the actions you take from what you hear a customer say. And yes, sometimes part of this process is letting a customer vent, but that’s a post for another day.

Solutions AheadSo how do we get from pain to success? Here are my top three strategies to shorten the path:

  • Truly listening
  • Taking Swift Action
  • Consistent Communication

Each of these could be a post on their own, but that will have to wait.

What are your strategies for getting to success?




  1. Make sure that you are covering all the stakeholders. Speaking to the “user” is not enough. Keep the executives informed as well.

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